Licensed School aged child care with Martial Arts!

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“It takes a village to raise a child”

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Daycare Attendant

Hi! My name is Julie, I’ve worked in childcare for over 11 years. My Education background consists of MOA, Early Childhood Educator-Assistant, and multiple supplementary certificates in the ECE field. My hobbies include travelling, kayaking, and camping. My goal while working with children is to instill good manners, politeness and kindness to others!


Daycare Attendant

Hello, my name is Natalya. I came to Canada from Russia 9 years ago. I feel like the happiest woman in the world because I have my dream job: I work with kids! I can’t imagine my life without children. I started to work with them since I was 17 while volunteering in University back in Russia.
I have previously volunteered in a Family Education centre as a translator, where I helped parents complete Positive Parenting courses. I also manage a social networking group with over 500 people where I host tons of activities for adults and kids. I have extensive experience with different cultures from all over the world. I currently have two jobs: I work special needs children & teach at ASW. I enjoy crafts and am well known as a good seamstress. Even with all my responsibilities, I still have free time to explore our beautiful BC with my 2 sons. We also enjoy baking very delicious Russian recipes together


Daycare Attendant

Hi! My name is Cathy and I have been working in childcare for 4 years now. I honestly never envisioned myself working with kids, but I took a job 4 years ago in an after school daycare and loved it. I really enjoyed the connections I made with the kids and their families. I started working with ASW in 2017 as a driver and eventually in the classroom before and after school.
I live in Maple Ridge with my husband, son and 2 busy dogs. I also work as an office manager for a local chiropractor’s office (while the kids are in school). I love that I get to work locally and feel like a part of our community.
When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family & taking the dogs for walks (usually in the quiet at Pitt Lake). I also enjoy meditation, writing and learning about health.


Daycare Attendant

Hi, my name is Anna and I am originally from Mexico! I came to Canada 12 years ago with my husband any my son who was 2 years old. Now we are a family of 6 (2 boys & 2 girls). I am a public accountant and I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I have been working with kids 3&4 years old since 2008 as a volunteer in my church. I really enjoy being around kids because they have plenty of energy and make me laugh all the time. I live in Maple ridge, and I love cycling and walking the trails around my home in my free time. I am currently upgrading my credentials, while working at ASW

Scott & Jess

Licensee / Manager

Hello, we are Scott & Jessica. We are the owners/manager of After School Warriors. We have operated ASW for over 3 years. We believe in creating a safe and fun environment for children of all walks of life. We work hard to teach the children in our care good sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, and personal responsibility. Jessica teaches taekwondo, and Scott handles the majority of the communication with parents. We look forward to meeting with you regarding your childcare needs!

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Daycare Attendant

Hi, my name is Enza. I’m the newest addition to Afterschool Warriors. I also work as a Noon hour Supervisor at Cuesqunela Elementary School. I have an extensive medical background and I’m certified in Child safety first aid. I enjoy being around children, being outdoors, playing all sorts of games like yahtzee, clue, and chess. I have a very bright son, whom is in grade 6 and I even babysit on my days off, well sometimes. I’m very happy to be at Afterschool Warriors.