Our Policies

Licensed School aged child care with Martial Arts!

Our goal is to care for your child to our utmost ability. All staff and management adhere to a comprehensive policy book in order to ensure quality care every day. We have made some of our most requested policies available for potential clients and existing families.

ASW’s aim is to provide quality childcare and has adopted the following goals and objectives:
1. Provide a setting in which a child may make friends and be challenged through new experiences.
2. Develop the child’s respect for self and others.
3. Develop the social, cognitive, creative and physical skills and abilities of a child.
4. Develop the child’s sense of well-being.
5. Provide positive role-models and form a quality mentoring relationship with the child.
6. Instill the spirit of fair play and develop children who foster a sense of good sportsmanship

Our center is committed to responding to the continuing changes in our community, meeting the needs of the children and their families, and to strive to be a leader in children and youth mentoring programs.

As a pet friendly place, please keep in mind that children in ASW’s care may be exposed to dogs. Dory Is our office pet and is here often. Please let us know of any allergies or issues with this upon enrolment.

ASW strives to provide physical fitness and education as often as practicable to children in our care. Physical activity time is often split between local parks and playgrounds and on location at ASW premises. When the weather permits, children will have time to play outside. If the weather is not suitable for outdoor play, games will be facilitated in our active play area.
Currently, the Away Space that ASW has chosen is the playground located at the south side of Golden Ears Elementary (23124 118 Ave, Maple Ridge BC). On an average day, children will be driven from the other schools that ASW services to this playground. Children will be encouraged to use their school’s washroom before transport. Children will have approximately 1 hour to play at this playground. Clear limits of the play area will be shown to the children in order to minimize children wandering away. Staff will be directed to stand around the perimeter of the playground. High visibility pinnies will be given to children in order to maximize visibility while on the playground.

Motor Vehicle transportation will be provided to and from school or playground/parks/events to ASW premises. All children will be accounted for while being transported. ASW staff must be conscious of how many children are in the vehicle, what they are doing while being transported, and that they are always safe while in the vehicle. This includes keeping arms and body parts within the vehicle at all times and remaining in a seat belt and or booster seat at all times while the vehicle is in motion.
Staff will also do a visual head count upon loading children into a vehicle and when children are exiting a vehicle to ensure no child is left behind in the vehicle for any amount of time.

All staff driving a vehicle for ASW will adhere to the following regulations:

• Be at least nineteen years old.
• Hold a valid driver’s license required for the vehicle driven in accordance with BC law.
• Have an acceptable driver’s abstract.
• Have no driving restrictions that would impact their ability to transport children.
• Each driver’s name and driver’s license number are kept on file at the program site.
• Occasional, volunteer drivers are informed on safety policies of the program before transporting children.
• Each driver must ensure the use of securely fastened seat belts for each occupant of the vehicle.
• Drivers under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications that impair driving ability or having a mental or physical status that could impair driving ability or judgment will never transport children.
• No smoking of any kind is allowed in vehicles while transporting children
• The use of electronic devices is prohibited while operating a motor vehicle.
• Children are never left unattended in a vehicle.
• Children are not allowed to open or close the doors of vehicles, unless entering the vehicle.

ASW generally does not allow electronic devices between Monday-Thursday during the school year. Electronic devices are reserved for “Fun Fridays” and only if the children have earned them by exercising good judgment, teamwork, manners, and work ethic throughout the week. Devices may be permitted on other days due to events such as professional development days, spring break days, or summer days. Screen time will be monitored and limited to no more than 2 hours a day. Screen time may be lengthened to accommodate a movie that is longer than 2 hours. Children will not be permitted to watch a movie and have personal electronics time in the same day.

ASW operated during the school year, Monday to Friday. Before care starts at 0700 and ends when children are taken to school. After School Care starts when ASW staff pick up children from school. ASW usually gets to schools between 14:20 & 14:40. Care is provided from pick up until 18:30. ASW is closed for all statutory holidays. ASW will close in the event of a SD42 snow day. ASW will provide full daycare during district wide professional development days and district wide non-instructional days. ASW will offer spring and summer break care at an additional rate. ASW does not currently operate over the winter break. ASW will work with parents (but not guarantee) to provide care during parent teacher conferences.
In the event of a power failure, water main break, earthquake, fire, or other natural disaster our programs may be unable to open or may be required to close early. When possible, parents will be notified of a potential closure or called if the program must close earlier than the scheduled program ending/closing time.
ASW provides the following services:
Full Time care: Monday – Friday
Part Time Care: 2 days per week.
Before Care: Morning care starting at 0700 and includes drop off
Occasional Care: One day of care as discussed between ASW and parent(s).
Spring Break Care: Availability must be discussed before enrolment. Space is not guaranteed. Each spring break day requires a top up fee. Parents are welcome to drop children off at 14:20.
Summer Break Care: Open to existing students and non-program students. Care provided from 08:30-18:30.
For Spring and Summer Break, children must be dropped off no later than 0900am. Early drop off is available for an additional fee. Snacks are NOT included. Children will require season appropriate clothing, as well as activity items such as swim shorts, sandals, sunscreen, change of clothes, towel, money for concession etc. in the event of an activity. Activities will be planned out ahead of time.

A $100 deposit is required to hold a registration spot. Spring/Summer break requires a 50% deposit to hold a spot. A 1-week minimum enrolment is required for Spring/Summer break care.

ASW does not offer free vacation/illness time. If your child is enrolled in the program, monthly fees must be paid in full. Compassionate leave my be granted if a child is ill and absent for an extended period. If you no longer require daycare services and all fees are paid, we require one month’s written notice in order to terminate the contract.

Parents are encouraged to speak with ownership immediately if they encounter financial difficulties regarding fee payment. A void cheque is required for registration in order to recoup fees due to intentional non-payment.

All staff members must meet the criteria outlined in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Childcare Licensing Regulations.
All staff must:

Be 19 years of age or older
Submit to and pass a criminal record check
Provide at least 3 character/employment references that ASW management will verify
Possess a valid First Aid + CPR certificate from an accredited institution
Adhere to provincial immunization program
Possess, at minimum, a 20-hour Responsible Adult Certificate
Possess and maintain a valid Class 4 or 5 Driver’s License. Staff with a class 7L/7N driver’s license will NOT be permitted to drive children, but may still monitor children.
Never arrive at work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and are to never bring drugs or alcohol to daycare.


Before Care
07:00 – 08:00
Kids are dropped off at daycare. Children play with toys, have a snack, and get ready to depart for school

After Care
15:30 Arrival at ASW. Children are signed in
15:30-15:45 Snack Break, homework, curriculum books
15:45-16:00 Free Play time
16:00-16:45 Taekwondo Class (ages 5-7)
16:45-17:30 2nd Taekwondo Class (ages 7+)
18:00-18:30 Departure and Sign-out
On “Fun Fridays” Homework & Curriculum book time may be replaced with screen time

07:00 Drop off begins for early drop off children. Children play with toys, do arts & crafts etc.
08:30 Regular Drop off time. Children may alternate between their classroom and the dojang for play
10:00 Snack Time
10:30 Depart for a park (weather dependant)
12:30 Return from park, begin lunch
13:30 Screen time after lunch
14:30 Play time in either the classroom or dojang
15:30 Snack Time
16:00 – Close Play time in either the classroom or dojang, parents begin picking up.
18:30 Closed.

A Healthy Snack Policy empowers participants to nourish their bodies appropriately and limit ingredients that will impede performance or wellness. Before you pack a snack for your kids, review this list.

• Peanut-safe – no peanuts, peanut butter, or foods in contact with or “may contain” peanuts.
• Food safety – prepare the food on clean surfaces with clean hands and utensils, pack in an airtight container, use ice packs, and insulate to keep cold foods cold.
• Nutritious – try vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lower fat milk and alternatives, and lean meat and alternatives.
• Water – active kids need to stay hydrated. Due to the physical nature of our daycare we require all children to bring a water bottle to class. Water consumption is encouraged during activities.

After school warriors does NOT provide snacks, so please ensure your child brings their own after school snacks. Hot water and a microwave are available. Children are discouraged from sharing food due to allergies.

All registration forms must be completed and returned before your child’s first day of care at our program. A passport style photo is required for registration. If you withdraw your child from the program, we require one month’s written notice. This applies to all parents.

Please report any changes in address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and any other pertinent information as soon as practicable. An up to date file must be kept for each child including a written authorization of who can pick your child up. It is important that you keep us informed of any changes in case we must get in contact with you.

The program can accommodate children on a part time basis when spots are available. Priority will be given to parents requesting full time care. If you currently have part time spot and there is a full time request you will be given the option to pay the full time fee to retain the spot or the program will issue one month’s notice and the space will be filled by a full time child.

ASW will maintain a staff ratio that either meets or exceed CCLR regulations. These regulations state that 1 staff member must be present per each group of 12 children if a kindergarten student or grade 1 student are present. As ASW almost always has a student in this age range in attendance, this ratio will be adhered to as a general practice.

Upon arrival and departure, all children must be marked in or out of the attendance log.

A daily record indicating arrivals, departures and absences helps to establish a rapid and accurate account of all children in the event of an emergency. Maintaining attendance records, in conjunction with constant supervision skills, is critical in ensuring the safety and well-being of the children in our care. Parents are encouraged to sign the attendance log, but staff may initial the log to confirm a child’s departure.

Punishment of any kind including physical, emotional, exclusion, and humiliation, is strictly forbidden.

Appropriate child guidance methods include:
1. Discussion of problem and/or re-direction
2. Opportunity for the child to make his/her own choice with the emphasis on positive reinforcement
3. This policy is discussed verbally between the Program Coordinator and the parent/guardian upon the child’s registration.
4. If a parent/guardian has a concern about the care of his/her child, follow the steps outlined on “Parent Concerns”

Staff recognizes each child as an individual in regard to age, stage of development, temperament and culture. Staff guides children’s behavior by using prevention and intervention strategies. Staff uses their knowledge and skills to ensure that a child’s self-esteem is enhanced.

Children will be released only to parent(s) or persons designated by the parent/guardian, upon verification, if required. Only those listed on the release form may pick up the child, unless a parent has authorized someone else by telephone or text message. Emergency contact persons listed on the registration form still require verbal or written consent to pick up the child. Authorization must be made verbally in person or over the phone. The delegate must have identification before the child is released. Cab/Uber/Lyft drivers are not classified as authorized or special pick-up persons. Therefore, unless prior arrangements have been made to authorize pick up by a specific driver, a child will not under any circumstances be released.

Occasionally, when parents arrive to pick-up their child, staff and children may be away at a park or event. Parents are expected to keep in contact with daycare staff regarding pick ups that are earlier than 17:00. Text message with either Jessica or Scott is preferred.

If a child has not been picked-up by 18:30 and ASW has not been advised that the parent will be late, the following procedure will be employed:
Parent(s) will be phoned at home, at work or on cell phone. In the event that the parent(s) cannot be located, the emergency contacts named on the registration form will be phoned and asked to pick up the child.
If neither the parent(s) nor the emergency contacts can be reached by 20:30, MCFD will be contacted.